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Some couples who have found each other through our dating website, share their acquaintance stories with those who still have doubts about "love via the Internet" or doubts about the reality of bi-national relationship. They encourage others to make the first step towards virtual dating. We hope that these true stories of real people will help you, too, to change your life and find your happiness.
Svetlana & Pierre:
We live together and every day is a blessing, from morning to night.

On 25th of December 2022 a Christmas miracle came into my life. I received a letter from a man who became my husband a year later. His name is Pierre. [.. read on ..]
.. read on ..
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InterFriendship - dating site specializing in international relations. During our 25-years of history we have helped thousands of women to find their dream partner and create a happy family. Our members are convinced of our professional and uncomplicated system. Come to us, and look for your love!

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Learn more about Western men - Germans

Why men from Germany?

Millions of lonely foreigners, including Germans, are looking for a loving partner in the east for a happy future. What attracts women to German men? Why do they tend to start dating and start a long-term relationship in Germany? You should know, that:

  • Germans take relationships very serious
  • Like in Eastern Europe, family is very important to them
  • They are always on time, quite tidy and like order
  • They are very romantic and believe in passionate love

Italian men

If you want to bring some sunlight in your daily life and fill your days with romantic love, you’d better try finding the man of your dream in Northern Italy, in particular, in South Tyrol.

Northern Italy and, first of all, South Tyrol has always been more prosperous. Its climate, natural resources and independent structure of economy very much resemble those of Central Europe. However, if you are willing to meet a man from Italy, in particular, to date an Italian man from South Tyrol, you’d better hurry up, since single men at an age suitable for long-term relationship and having children are really few there.

The reason why single Italian men are few there is professional migration of men from Italy: men from South Tyrol with a higher education, such as doctors or engineers, try to get a job in the European Commission in Brussels or at least in major companies in the neighbouring countries, such as Switzerland, Germany or Austria.

What is so particular about Italian men?

  • Patriotic and loyal to the traditions of excellent and world-famous Italian cuisine, Italian men can take you to the best restaurants every day with the only purpose in the mind – to show and prove you that. Even sitting in a French restaurant and after giving a tip to the waiter, an Italian man will say: "That was delicious. Your chef might be from Italy?" Very often, it’s true.

  • Don’t get surprised when your Italian man says that they don’t drink cappuccino after 11 a.m. or after dinner, and that they don’t order fruit juice until supper, but only after, at better with Martini Rosso.

  • It is highly probable that when you come to visit your Italian man which you met via dating Italy, your day will be subject to harmonious laws of taking meals that you will have to observe. Maybe, you will have to skip your breakfasts and have coffee with milk instead, since Italian men believe it is good for your general tonus and shape. Your date with an Italian man will be so high-calorie that skipping your breakfast will be really easy. :-)

  • Italian men are keen on driving, although they are complaining that they are feeling bad in elevators.

  • Only in Italy when trying to schedule a visit to a tanning salon, you will have an appointment the day after tomorrow … and all people on the waiting list will be men.

  • Travelling with an Italian man, in the bathroom you will see that you partner has more cosmetics than you! Only an Italian man can have morning, evening and … intimate perfumes. Be sure that Italian men really care about their appearance.

Expressive hazel eyes, expensive perfume, a luxurious car and temperament of Italian men will not leave any woman indifferent.

Registering at international dating site InterFriendship will give you an opportunity to see the world of Italian men from South Tyrol ... and much more.

Many western men, including single Germans, single Swiss, single Austrian men and men from other countries of Western Europe try to find love through the catalogue of our dating agency.

You are welcome to InterFriendship family! We will do our best to help you to find a man of your dream, YOUR Mr. Right.


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